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Stretch Videos


       Welcome to the CFWCC Home Stretch Video Series by Dr. Jon Engstrom. These stretches are intended to be used for home care application as an extension of care and instruction provided by Dr. Jon and Center For Wellness Chiropractic Care. If you are not currently a patient or have questions regarding the stretch videos provided please contact our office before attempting any stretches.

Stretch #1, Positive Rest

This stretch we call "Positive Rest", designed to improve posture, circulation, rest, and decrease stress.

Stretch #2, Side Posture Stretch

Our Side Posture Full Body Stretch was designed to improve range of motion, reduce tension / stress, and reduce pain symptoms caused by poor posture and sedentary lifestyles.

Stretch #3, Seated Shoulder Depression

Our "Seated Shoulder Depression" Stretch was designed to improve neck and shoulder range of motion, decrease neck and shoulder tension, decrease stress, improve circulation, and reduce headache symptoms.

Stretch #4, Seated Gluteal

Our "Seated Gluteal" Stretch is designed to improve hip and low back range of motion, reduce low back and hip pain, and decrease "sciatic-like" symptoms.