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The CFWCC Difference


  • Center For Wellness was founded in February, 2012 with the notion to create a facility that provided excellent and affordable health care for its' patients, in a stress and pressure free environment.
  • Ample one-on-one time with Dr. Jon to answer all of your questions, review home stretches, and exercise instruction. 
  • No 3 minute "rack and crack" interactions. Most visits average 30-45 minutes including adjustments, soft tissue work, and instruction.
  • State-of-the-Art stretch and exercise sports medicine software that provides videos and print outs to our patients.
  • 24/7 Text Communication (its an app, not Dr. Jon's digits) to communicate with staff and the Doc.
  • Patient care is of the utmost importance to us. We are in the service industry as healthcare providers. That means we are here to serve your needs above all else.
  • We do not sell products, supplements, Orthotic footwear, or any other therapy related materials out of our office. We are here to treat you and provide recommendations for items that may help with at home (out of office) care. We focus our in-office treatments on modalities and care that one would not be able to achieve / purchase on their own. 
  • No excessive or medically unnecessary treatment plans. We will tailor each treatment plan in a proactive manner to return the patient to their activities of daily living as soon as possible. Educating and encouraging our patients on at-home preventative and corrective care is a part of every treatment plan.  

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