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What will insurance cover for my chiropractic treatments and how many will they cover?

Each individual’s insurance plan is different and offers unique coverage. Typically most insurance plans will cover chiropractic care and associated modalities (deep tissue work, stretching, taping, etc.) with the patient held responsible for a deductible, coinsurance and/or copayment at the time of service. Call today and have us perform a complimentary benefits check to find out your plan coverage.

How many visits will be necessary to fix me?

Each condition has a different protocol for appropriate healing time and treatment frequency. Based on the stage of the injury (acute/chronic) and the level of pain and symptom intensity, a treatment plan will be tailored specifically to each patient. We strive to educate each patient to care for themselves outside of the office with dietary/supplement recommendations, stretches, exercises, and things to avoid in daily life. The treatments received coupled with the at home personal care recommended have patients recovering significantly faster and require less treatments.

Will the adjustments hurt?

At Center for Wellness we take patient comfort into consideration first and foremost. As a multidisciplinary facility, we offer multiple modalities to accompany chiropractic adjustments. Prior to each adjustment procedure, each patient will receive a form of soft tissue care (based on patient preference) to appropriately warm the muscles surrounding each joint. This allows the tender/sore muscles to relax and decrease resistance to movement or adjustments. The result is a quick and easy adjustment with little to no discomfort experienced.

Once I go to the Chiropractor will I have to keep going forever?

A very common myth about Chiropractic care is that once a patient begins care, they will need to continue care for the rest of their lives. This statement does not apply to the vast majority of the population. Typically most people achieve relief from their symptoms and CHOOSE to continue care because they feel better after. The patients that require continuous care are the ones with daily activities (work, hobbies, etc) that do not allow them proper time to heal and recover. It is with this population that longer care and increased treatment frequency are required in order to combat the stressors that are produced on a daily basis.

What if I don’t have insurance?

We offer a "time of service" rate to individuals that do not have insurance or do not have an insurance we currently accept. We accept payment in the form of cash or credit/debit. Personal checks discouraged.


How long does the taping last for?

The tape can last from 3-5 days, you can shower or bath with the tape, and perform daily activities and exercise with the tape.

How does the tape work, and what does it do?

Kinesiotape can be utilized for a number of purposes, most importantly: athletic performance, support, and injury recovery. Based on your need, a variety of taping strategies can be used with other treatments to optimize your care. For performance purposes kinesiotape elevates the skin and fascia underneath each taping to allow for greater circulation/oxygenation, which provides an increase in endurance by slowing the lactic acid fermentation process “muscle burn”. For support purposes tapings and facilitate or inhibit muscle groups while providing a “brace” to joints without compromising range of motion. For injury recovery, tapings can be used to relieve edema/swelling following injuries, decreasing healing time in some cases.

Will insurance cover kinesiotaping?

Yes, kinesiotaping as a modality performed by a certified kinesiotaping practitioner is covered by most insurance policies. If your plan does not cover kinesiotaping, or you do not have insurance, no worries, we have taping packages available for athletes and injuries alike. Call us today for a complimentary benefits check.


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