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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine


Here at Center For Wellness Chiropractic Care we utilize a combination of services and modalities to accommodate athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our primary tools utilized include vibrational massage, passive-assisted stretching protocols, rehabilitative techniques, sports cupping, and kinesio-taping; all of which are clinically correlated with chiropractic care. Dr. Jon currently holds designations as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and Certified Kinesiotaping Practitioner.


Kinesiotape is an elastic tape that can be applied to athletes and standard patients alike. The tape itself is hypo-allergenic, water proof,and  typically lasts 3-5 days based upon patient physical activity.  Kinesiotaping as a whole has been shown to help patients in the areas of  performance, rehabilitation, joint support/injury prevention, and swelling  reduction.

Performance:The tape’s elastic properties elevate the skin and tissues surrounding muscle groups which enhances the blood supply to the region taped. Increased circulation leads to improved oxygen supply to the tissue, which in turn improves muscle endurance (slows the lactic acid fermentation process i.e. muscle burn).

Rehabilitation:The tape when applied to certain muscle groups can be applied to inhibit or excite these muscles based on the direction the tape is applied. The result is a reduction in spasm or an improvement in muscle use to further the rehabilitation process. The elevation of the skin and tissue with the addition of the tape allows greater circulation to the injured region, speeding the delivery of repair materials and removal of waste products from the injury site.

Joint Support/Injury Prevention:

When certain athletes are predisposed to injury in a certain location (due to previous injury or weakness), the tape can be applied to add stability to the joint in a supportive manner to reduce excessive motion without impeding the natural range of motion like a brace would.

Swelling / Injury Reduction:

Following an acute injury or trauma, the tape can be applied to reduce swelling with a combination of compression and direction of fluid towards the heart. The same concept applies to the reduction of bruises and contusions.

For questions regarding taping please contact Dr. Jon!


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